Why The Loft?

The Loft is a small intimate space, bursting with over 12 years of experience and creativity.

Whether it’s a matter of just maintaining your current locks, the need for a polished barbering experience, or being compelled to do a 360 degree change, The Loft will land you there satisfied.

Enjoy an array of beverages, good reading material, free wifi, and leave with hair that turns heads.

About Tina

Tina Garbe, a New England native, currently resides in Boulder Colorado  where  she finds inspiration for her artistic passion of styling and photography. A professional stylist for the past 12 years, Tina has been able to connect with people on  an intimate level understanding and believing in the beauty of the individual. She received her education at Paul Mitchell The School in Orlando Florida. She believes that education is her leader on her path to opportunity and success. Tina  continues  to challenge herself daily whether it be in the world of styling or photography.

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